Tnuda is a working group initiated by Shahar Binyamini and professor Atan Gross from the Weizmann institute. The group is  active since 2012 at Weizmann Institute in Rehovot and in Suzan Dalal in Tel Aviv. 


We are a group of creative dancers, professors and science research students working together to develop new tools emerging from the unique encounter between the two  fields – movement and science. We hope to apply these tools and thus enrich our research and artistic activities. 


Our vision is to create a common working ground where we collaborate to produce a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Deepening the dialogue between scholars, dancers and artists fertilizes the fields/worlds we come from and empowers both group and individual creativity. Excitingly, we have managed to merge into an intimate group which, by its very existence, challenges the definition of dance and scientific work. We aspire to nourish the core from which we set out to act, the core of curiosity, creativity and inquiry. Together, we develop new working methods that uniquely juxtapose scientific questions and research procedures with creative processes, combining questions related to body, movement, environment and society.

Our Dancers and Scientists 

Professor Atan Gross

There is a lot of movement in biology – for example, inside our body there is movement of cells, organelles, proteins, metabolites, etc. When these movements are perturbed diseases can emerge, and we are still far from understanding the exact connections between the two. Working with dancers in the course – which in my mind are “scientists of movement” - provides me with new dimensions to explore the scientific questions that interest me in ways that I still do not understand.  

Proffesor Ofer Feinerman

I enjoy the lessons for two main reasons. The first is the chance to dance with this special group. The second is the challenge of trying to counter my initial doubts on the possibility for profound cross-fertilization between science and dance.

Liron Pinchover                         Ofer Perl                         Yotam Asscher                       Roni Zohar                         Carmal Bar

Carmel Shor                             Rona Aviram                            Eynat Haviv                            Ido Rog                      Liran Valadarsky              

Igal Levine                                    Anat Arzi                         Michael Mozorov                 Dalia Chaimsky                  Shani Garfinkel

   Or Avishay                            Natalia Vik                     Shahar Binyamini            Moshe Sechter Avshalom             Talia de Vries


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