Wall To Wall Carpeting | Dance Performance and Installation

Shahar Biniamini & Liat Segal


Wall To Wall Carpeting is a performative installation questioning the relations between space, time and movement. During the life cycle of the installation a framed space is continuously changing over time as paint is slowly flowing through it. The change is slow and is hardly noticeable along a short time period. As time goes by, however, one may suddenly realize that the environment has completely transformed.


A chorographical work for two dancers is created for the site specific installation. Using ambient movement language the dancers research intimacy. During the exposition the dancers’ human-mechanic movements portray alienation towards their surroundings. To the outside viewer, the only external force that affects them subconsciously is the paint motion through the framed space. The dancer’s playground is continuously reshaping, affecting their behavioral options within it.

The next act starts as the two dancers bond. Like two gravitational objects that collide they form a new structure, trying to adapt, trying to oppose. These contrasting forces form an equilibrium dance in a dynamic arena.

The space and time are indifferent to the dancers and to their actions. At the end of the performance, as the dancers leave the frame, all that remains is the installation space itself which continues to evolve as the paint flows on through it.


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